Corporate Overview

Silver Gauntlet International is a full-service security planning consultancy that specializes in risk management and security solutions for commercial and residential builds, outdoor capital construction projects such as highways, bridges, tunnels, runways, and critical infrastructure, mines, and agricultural operations. These vital services allow clients, at locations worldwide, to operate a cost-effective security program, enhance safety, mitigate loss and protect their investment. It is also a High-Rise Fire/Life Safety Service. SGI writes Emergency Procedures Manuals for new and existing buildings. We also provide training for Building Occupants, Floor Wardens and other Fire Safety professionals.

Minimize Risk – Optimize Productivity

Theft and other security breaches have a negative impact on every part of the construction process, and result in the loss of billions of dollars each year. Effective security planning can significantly reduce risk to a company’s greatest assets: Its people and property. SGI helps commercial and residential buildings comply with Fire Department requirements by writing new Safety Procedures Manuals, keeping existing Safety Procedures Manuals current, and by training Floor Wardens and Building Occupants.

Our Mission

SGI provides expert consultation to clients worldwide on how to best protect their people, property and investment at the construction or property site. We conduct site assessments and vulnerability studies, and produce comprehensive plans for security that allow clients to maximize safety, minimize loss and operate the most efficient, cost-effective security program. We provide Emergency Manual services and training for Building Occupants and Floor Wardens. We also conduct classes on Earthquake Safety and Preparedness.

Our Approach

Our approach is guided by our ethics and integrity, combined with our many years of law enforcement and security consulting experience.

Silver Gauntlet International provides an all-in-one, comprehensive approach to security planning. Our detailed site security plan starts with an extensive site assessment and vulnerability study specific to your project.

SGI visits the site and meets with key members of the building and on-site security teams, representatives from insurance, as well as local fire and law enforcement authorities. We discuss and review construction plans, scope of work, project timetable, the physical site and its environs, to assess immediate and potential threats to personal safety, as well as vulnerabilities to crime, fire and natural disasters.

Our team then provides a thorough follow-up report on our findings and a detailed plan for security. If required, we will brief and/or train the on-site staff on how to best implement such plans. SGI remains a trusted resource for the duration of the project.

Who We Serve

  • Construction Professionals

  • Developers

  • Insurance/Insurance Brokers

  • Security┬áProviders

  • Banks

  • Pre-Design Team

  • Architects

  • General Contractors

  • Legal

  • Law Enforcement

  • High-Rise Commercial Buildings

  • High-Rise Residential Buildings

  • Other Multi-Story Buildings

  • Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Cannabis Testing Laboratories

  • Cannabis Grow Facilities (Indoor & Outdoor)


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