Securing The Outdoor Construction Site

Securing The Outdoor Construction Site: Strategy, Prevention and Mitigation by Kevin Wright Carney, president and CEO of Silver Gauntlet International, is a must-have resource for anyone responsible for the safety and security of people and property at the outdoor construction site. Carney offers a holistic view of security planning for capital projects, and provides strategic and tactical approaches to protect large areas, with a minimum investment in personnel and equipment.

Securing The Outdoor Construction Site provides in-depth guidelines for:

  • Implementing a viable loss-prevention program

  • Minimizing capital loss and costly delays

  • Developing proactive partnerships with law enforcement

  • Conducting a construction site survey to target loss-prevention

  • Budgeting for the unexpected

  • Developing an action plan for business recovery in the event of significant asset loss

Securing The Outdoor Construction Site is a valuable resource for a wide range of professionals, including security executives, managers and consultants, as well as construction and insurance professionals, law enforcement and attorneys.

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