High-Rise Fire/Life Safety Services

In October of 2107, Silver Gauntlet International added High-Rise Fire/Life Safety to our list of client services, when SGI President and CEO Kevin Wright Carney completed his training and received his High-Rise Fire/Life Safety certification from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

SGI will now be offering the writing of new Emergency Procedures Manuals and updates of existing Manuals as well as certified Fire/Life Safety Training for Floor Wardens, and Fire/Life Safety Training for Building Occupants. Additionally, Earthquake Safety and Preparedness for Business Training is being offered, along with all of our Security-Related Training. SGI also monitors and evaluates Fire Drills to maintain a high standard of Fire/Life Safety in your buildings.

Most municipalities require manual recertification annually, as well as Floor Warden and Occupant Fire/Life safety for High-Rise buildings. SGI helps commercial and residential buildings comply with Fire Department requirements and fire laws by writing new Safety Procedures Manuals, keeping existing Safety Procedures Manuals current, and by training Floor Wardens and Building Occupants.

We also provide these services for other commercial and residential buildings, regardless of size.

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